Monday, February 05, 2007

'Song(s) for Lale Muldur'

Song(s) for Lale Muldur / Bizansiyya Book Launch


Yapi Kredi - Sermet Çifter Salonu
Galatasary, Istanbul.

'Song(s) for Lale Müldür' is a video work not by Kaan Karacehennem & kissed by
Gül Kozacioğlu made up of us singing songs of then and now and never and ever for Lale ,
simple music videos to celebrate her long awaited book 'Bizansiyya'
........join us on tuesday at 18:00 in galatasaray

more songs for Lale : Acid Barok versus Barış Ger ( LİVE ! at 18:30

watch video's at :

  • pillosophiavideos
    participants :
    leyla, leyla, dara, pelin, mey, yusuf, fatih, nazım, frederik, ceyda, medet,
    patrice, teoman, evrim, tümay, önder, mümin, bariş, ozan, cem, özge,
    kaan & gül

    a poem of two pennies
    and a rainbow list
    sitting at 1314
    windowssills seeking pillows
    nowadazy will be Queen Crimson dayz
    after the snow breath-ed
    this morning
    and forgave a miste-ed li(f)e

    always ambigeous
    to chameleon out
    What is your song, not mine ?

    and flakes continue, dirty a bit,
    time for a new spell

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