Monday, January 29, 2007

songs for Lale muldur

whilst waiting for pillows .... across the universe,
kaan karacehennem's 'Song for Lale Muldur' - was being dreamt and shot, a small gift to be screened on the occasion of Lale's long awaited book 'Bizansiyya'.

lale müldür's ''Bizansiyya'' Book Launch
Tuesday 6th February 2007

Yapi Kredi - Sermet Çifter Salonu
Galatasaray, Istanbul.

'Song for Lale Muldur' is a video work made up of us singing songs of then and now and never and ever, simple music videos
for lale ........join us tomorrrow or watch the videos as they are uploaded on link below :

  • pillosophiavideos

  • repertoire :
    velvet underground & nico, david bowie, syd barrett, beatles, bob dylan, rolling stones, talking heads, marianne faithful, leonard cohen, pink floyd, king crimson, the doors, fleetwood mac ...

    so far shot :
    ' .. if u close the door', 'milky way', 'jealous guy', 'I'll be ur mirror', across the universe', 'twist & shout', 'time of aquarious', 'perhaps, perhaps, perhaps', 'yesterday', 'marZ', ' famous blue raincoat', 'like a rollingstone', wild thing ...

    with :
    leyla, leyla, dara, pelin, mey, yusuf, fatih, nazım, frederik, ceyda, medet,
    patrice, teoman, evrim, tümay, önder, mümin, bariş, ozan, cem, özge,
    kaan & gül


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