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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A winter blog for a performative dream project

pillosophia is a sleepy project that wakes once in a while to dream a performance of two, or sew pillows on aeroplanes.
the pillows on this blog have been made by an assortment of people.
there are quiet a number of more pillows waiting to be uploaded. the idea had been to make a site people could upload their own dreams instantly.... instead it progressed to uploading your own video's on u-tube, and showing a work as it was made, before it's 'opening' date : )
take care, dream well, read the manual, sew a dream or two .. or spin

Sunday, February 11, 2007

pillosophia - the wisdom of pillows and their dreams

a blogsite for the celebration and protection of dreams,
and fools too .... for believing in them

( melody : "the fool on the hill sees the world going round ... and the eyes in his head" >>>

starting with a day i just couldn't wake up, to pillowkits, the making of your own dream pillows - dreams incarnate,
photos's of these pillows ( made here and elsewhere ) playing music at klub karaoke last week with a room full of cloth turning into dreams, recording your own music video's ....
as a gift for lale muldur ... and now ... just n0w

Monday, February 05, 2007

dreams of Now !

the beauty of empty pages
alo .. where are u,
winter waifs on beaches
and ponies of cherry blossoms.
eveything we whisper

i love now, only now
swept through a hurricane

nina, what is there to write about
other then a purple stone, and two shells caressing /

'Song(s) for Lale Muldur'

Song(s) for Lale Muldur / Bizansiyya Book Launch


Yapi Kredi - Sermet Çifter Salonu
Galatasary, Istanbul.

'Song(s) for Lale Müldür' is a video work not by Kaan Karacehennem & kissed by
Gül Kozacioğlu made up of us singing songs of then and now and never and ever for Lale ,
simple music videos to celebrate her long awaited book 'Bizansiyya'
........join us on tuesday at 18:00 in galatasaray

more songs for Lale : Acid Barok versus Barış Ger ( LİVE ! at 18:30

watch video's at :

  • pillosophiavideos
    participants :
    leyla, leyla, dara, pelin, mey, yusuf, fatih, nazım, frederik, ceyda, medet,
    patrice, teoman, evrim, tümay, önder, mümin, bariş, ozan, cem, özge,
    kaan & gül

    a poem of two pennies
    and a rainbow list
    sitting at 1314
    windowssills seeking pillows
    nowadazy will be Queen Crimson dayz
    after the snow breath-ed
    this morning
    and forgave a miste-ed li(f)e

    always ambigeous
    to chameleon out
    What is your song, not mine ?

    and flakes continue, dirty a bit,
    time for a new spell
  • Friday, February 02, 2007

    For Everyone - Today

    who dreams and needs their dreams protected.

    This Weeks NEW dream offer !
    shoot your own music videos and participate in 'Songs for Lale Muldur',
    to be premiered at the book launch of 'bizansiyya' at yapi kredi in galatasary, tuesday 6th february, 6 o'clock

    contact us to come,sing & shoot at rue voyvoda no 18, karakoy
    or watch dream video's as they are uploaded at link :

  • pillosophiavideos
  • A pillo to fly ( away for blossoms

    images of a pillow being made, just about to set upon a journey, above skies, clouds and mountains ....
    wishing ... upon a star and a blossom ( or many )

    Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    pixie bells protecting - when fairies get vindictive

    The first of the travelling pillows has come back -
    and an invitation to upload your own
    before loosing them, as i tend to, though have come
    to conclude that : loosing = setting them free


    pixiebells protecting never never land - the number one
    This is the pillow that :
    -was made on occasion of November moving to london.
    -accompanied the pillow talk kit.
    -a dream of taking your dreams wherever you go
    -travelled to beijing and sent some holiday pictures, whilst i waited
    at rue voyvoda.

    Monday, January 29, 2007

    a premonition of a walk & a dream to be made

    songs for Lale muldur

    whilst waiting for pillows .... across the universe,
    kaan karacehennem's 'Song for Lale Muldur' - was being dreamt and shot, a small gift to be screened on the occasion of Lale's long awaited book 'Bizansiyya'.

    lale müldür's ''Bizansiyya'' Book Launch
    Tuesday 6th February 2007

    Yapi Kredi - Sermet Çifter Salonu
    Galatasaray, Istanbul.

    'Song for Lale Muldur' is a video work made up of us singing songs of then and now and never and ever, simple music videos
    for lale ........join us tomorrrow or watch the videos as they are uploaded on link below :

  • pillosophiavideos

  • repertoire :
    velvet underground & nico, david bowie, syd barrett, beatles, bob dylan, rolling stones, talking heads, marianne faithful, leonard cohen, pink floyd, king crimson, the doors, fleetwood mac ...

    so far shot :
    ' .. if u close the door', 'milky way', 'jealous guy', 'I'll be ur mirror', across the universe', 'twist & shout', 'time of aquarious', 'perhaps, perhaps, perhaps', 'yesterday', 'marZ', ' famous blue raincoat', 'like a rollingstone', wild thing ...

    with :
    leyla, leyla, dara, pelin, mey, yusuf, fatih, nazım, frederik, ceyda, medet,
    patrice, teoman, evrim, tümay, önder, mümin, bariş, ozan, cem, özge,
    kaan & gül